Carol Allen Bentley Gallery

ARTIST STATEMENT                   

There is something so immediate about painting ‘en plein air’ - in the open air. That is where most of my landscapes come to life. The artist needs to work quickly to capture the light and color before the sun and shadows move very far, or the sky clouds up and rains, or the winds want to pick up your work and carry it away.


About painting people, I think that nothing is more beautiful and soul moving to me than the human form and face. We are blessed with these amazing bodies that carry us through this challenging adventure called life. Capturing the soul and spirit of a person, a moment in time, is so entrancing!


Floral painting was a love of mine for many years, but a few years ago, I felt it was time to take on new challenges by changing my focus to abstraction and non-representational themes.  However, my old paintings have often been the foundation from which I created many new works.


I have almost always created works of art into a series.  New ideas about expanding the methods I currently use continue to come to mind.  I see these new ideas as very original and often coming from the creative spirit within me.                                                                                                                           ~ Carol Allen Bentley

Canyon View                Frame: 23" x 28"               Watercolor on Yupo
Verde Variations
Morning Medley
Magpie Haven
Sage        Frame: 16" x 20"      SOLD
Desert Dream    Frame: 34" x 28"    WC/Yupo
Fancy That      Frame: 26" x 21"    Watercolor
Yellow Silk     Frame: 23" x 19"      WC/Yupo
Art Cat        Frame: 20" x 16"       SOLD