Lois Meyer



Lois was born and grew up in New Jersey, but always dreamed of living in Arizona. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in biology from Calvin College, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, she married and subsequently lived for a time in Pennsylvania and Colorado.  In 1977, she and her family moved to Glendale, Arizona.  She now lives in Peoria with her wonderful husband and Lhasa Apso named “Cookie”.   She has three grown children and four grandchildren.


You might say she grew up with a pencil in her hand.  Her school notebooks were always full of doodles, she routinely copied “the Breck girls” in women’s magazines, and she enjoyed doing colored pencil portraits of then-current presidents and her friends.  Her formal art training did not begin until 1987, when she began taking art classes at Glendale Community College. 



















Born in Clifton, New Jersey.

Graduated from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, with a Bachelor              of Arts Degree and Biology Major.

Resident of Arizona from 1977 to the present.




Glendale Community College: courses in Life-drawing, Drawing and                           Composition, and Watercolor, beginning in 1987.

Watercolor workshop with Jim Kosvanec, 1994.

Honors: Multiple awards in the Student Art Shows

         First Place Fine Arts for The Traveler 1992, magazine of Glendale                        Community College.

         Outstanding Student Achievement Award for 1991-1992.



Arizona Art Alliance, Juried Member

Arizona Artists Guild, Juried Member

Arizona Watercolor Association, Juried Member

Gallery Nineteen (Closed, June 1996)

Peoria Fine Arts Association

        Offices: Secretary and Second Vice-president, Exhibitions

Waterworks Artists




2015 - Waterworks Exhibition “Eye of the Beholder” at the Chandler Center for the  Arts

Special Exhibition with Daryle Gregory, Fall 2001, at the Church of the Beatitudes      

“Spring Magic” with Hazel Stone at Gallery 19, Spring of 1996




2016 - First Place – Watercolor – Glendale Arts Council 53rd Annual Juried Fine Art   


2015 -  Award of Excellence – Peoria Fine Arts Association

2014 -  Best of Show – Arizona Artists Guild Juried Exhibit

             Second Place Painting – Peoria Celebration of Artists

             Award of Excellence – Peoria Fine Arts Spring Exhibition

             Award of Merit – Peoria Fine Arts Spring Exhibition

             Merchant Award – AWA Membership Exhibition




Arizona Art Alliance Holiday Show

            2012 and 2011 - First Place Watercolor

            2011 - Merit Award

Arizona Artists Guild Juried Exhibit 2014, 2002, 1997

            2014 - Best of Show

AWA Membership Exhibitions

            Merchant Award - 2014

            Merchant Award – Spring – 2002

            Merchant Award – Fall – 1994

            Participation – 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002

AWA National Watercolor Exhibition 2008

Glendale Juried Fine Arts Competition

            First Place Watercolor - 2016

            Honorable Mention - 2013

            Purchase Awards - 2012, 2001, 1992

            Second Place – 2005, 2001

            Best of Show – 1992

Peoria Celebration of Artists

            Second Place Painting - 2014

            First Place Waterclor – 2005

            Second Place Watercolor – 2007, 2003

            Honorable Mention – 2007

Peoria Fine Arts Association Exhibition

            Award of Excellence – Spring 2015, 2014, 2012, Fall 2012, 2011, 2009, Spring 2008

            Award of Merit – Spring 2014, 2013, 2011

            Second Place - 2005

            Honorable Mention – 2007, 2014,

Valley Artists League Christown Show

            Second Place - Watercolor - 1992

Vistas at the Church of the Beatitudes 2001, 1997                          

Western Federation of Watercolor Societies 28th Annual Exhibition 2003

            NVWS Signature Member Award of Merit

West Valley Art Museum  Annual Juried Art Show

            Second Place - Watercolor - 1999




Art From the Heart 1998 Silent Auction

Bach Choir Silent Auction 2001




Class for residents at Baptist Village, fall of 1998

Demonstration at Westbrook Village Art Group in 2000



From 1992 to the present Lois has entered a variety of art shows and has won many awards, including “First Place in Watercolor” at the Arizona Art Alliance’s Holiday shows in 2011 and 2012, a “First Place Watercolor” at the Peoria Celebration of Artists 2005, the “Nevada Watercolor Society Signature Member Award of Merit” for the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies 28th Annual Exhibition in 2003, a “Best of Show” for the Arizona Artists Guild show in 2014, a “First Place – Watercolor” at Glendale’s Juried show in 2016. 


She has sold many of her paintings, and has also done commissioned watercolor portraits.   She is a juried member of the Arizona Watercolor Association, the Arizona Artists Guild, and theArizona Art Alliance. She has held the office of secretary for the Peoria Fine Arts Association as well as Second Vice-President, Exhibitions.


In addition to her art endeavors, Lois also loves to sing. She not only sings in her church choir, but also participates in The Sunday Classics Club, a classical performance group.

Bud of Promise    Frame: 29.5" x 23.5"   $1,200

 Not From Texas         23.5" x31"             $1,000
  Orange Blossom White         SOLD