Lois Meyer Gallery



I find inspiration for my art from nature, my own imagination, or a combination of the two. Watercolor is my medium of choice. After doing one watercolor, I was “hooked”! Some of my paintings are planned and some of them start out as paint splashes and develop as I try to find what is "hidden" in the splashes.  I love the interaction and flow of colors as well as the “accidents” that happen. I enjoy the extra challenge of making sense out of a serendipitous creation.


My subject matter is mostly bright and light-hearted.  Life has enough pain, and although I think art plays a role in social consciousness, my individual purpose is to paint something uplifting.  My desire is to use the gifts that God has given me, to echo the joy, and often humor, in His creative energy, and most of all, to have fun in the process!


Opportunists           22" x18"         $ 700
 Not From Texas          23.5" x 31"         $1,100
Morning Stroll       Frame: 29" x 23"      $700
Of Course I Have a Brain           29.5" x23"          Not For Sale
Bud of Promise      Frame 29.5" x 23.5"            $1,400
   Proud to Be Me          18" x14"             $500
Fruit-full Palm         Frame: 29"" x 23"         $1,400
Pumpkin Time       Frame: 25" x 29"      $1,000
 Potting Time           31" x 36.5"           $1,700
Not Too Frayed to Fly        Not For Sale
Involution       Frame: 25" x 29"      $1,000
Orange Blossom White                 SOLD
Rainbow Ridge      Frame: 24" x 30"    $1,100
Solar Power – Lake Powell     Frame: 29" x 25"       $1,000