With watercolor brushes and pigment, we work magic.

Myra Feldman expresses her personal, ephemeral observations of nature and life in a permanent form as she adds her own language of marks and handwriting to her paintings. Her imagination and desire to freely experiment with paint and brushes fuel her process.

Nancy Herbst creates paintings that are delicately sensitive but powerfully dramatic and reveal her unique, deliberate, meticulously detailed brushwork.. With her skillful precision and beautiful color, her paintings show an ambitious, complicated vision of big ideas that tell intriguing stories.


Diane Kent arranges her colorful, textured, hand-painted papers to develop her collage and watercolor paintings. She is drawn to unusual color combinations as she adds more layers and images to develop her organic, spontaneous, imaginative and dynamic paintings.

Lois Meyer is drawn to realism and chooses unusual view points and surprising images to tenderly render her playful, lyrical expressive paintings. She paints certain atmospheric effects to dramatize her work. with light, shadows, reflections or multifaceted images.

Laurie Sokiveta paints from her photographs, knowing exactly what she wishes to achieve. Using rich, deep color, she paints in an intentional, deliberate manner to get luminous, strong images. She works to achieve a dramatic, mysterious, fresh, realistic painting.


Hazel Stone chooses an intuitive process to design her energetic, innovative works. Unique elements may include circles, words, humor, connecting pathways, or decorative patterns. Her work is painted with precision without masking fluid in pure, full-spectrum pigments.

Myra Feldman               Cowboy Joe                   Frame: 24" x 22"
Diane Kent       Spheres       Frame: 23" x 23"     Collage   $625.00
Laurie Sokiveta      Cactus Flowers      Frame: 19" x 23"     SOLD

The Waterworks Artists is a group of Watermedia artists who live in the Phoenix, Arizona area. A special spirit of friendship, cooperation and support is created through open sharing of watermedia ideas, art related information and constructive painting critiques. Their purpose is to maintain the highest levels of artistic professionalism. These artists have exhibited widely in many prominent venues in the Valley of the Sun earning their stellar reputation with each exciting, new exhibition.


Please enjoy all the pages of this Waterworks Artists website. Feel free to contact any artist regarding their paintings. They will be more than happy to answer questions and  help you in your decision to add more beauty and creativity to your life.


Nancy L. Herbst             Miz  Snyder           Frame: 21" x 14"
Lois Meyer      Fruit-full Palm       Frame: 29" x 23"     $1,200
Hazel Stone   Jackson's Playdate   Frame: 23" x 30"   $1,500