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The Waterworks Artists present their amazing exhibition, "Altered Focus" November 5 - 28, 2021
at the Herberger Theater Center Art Gallery, 222 E. Monroe Street, Phoenix, AZ.
Opening Reception: Friday, November 5, 6:00 - 8:00 PM. You are cordially invited to this exhibition.

Waterworks Artists  -  Statement about their “Altered Focus” Exhibition



Artists keep their inspiration flowing by trying new ways of looking at subject matter, new ways of using the materials they are familiar with, or using completely new materials, abandoning the comfort of remaining on any previously achieved plateau. In this exhibition, "Altered Focus", the Waterworks Artists have gone in new directions, without the constraint of having to paint in any single way, and with the freedom to try new subjects, styles and techniques. We are honored to present these exciting paintings. It is our hope that you, the viewer, will enjoy new visual experiences as a result of our creativity.

We work magic with our brushes and watermedia materials.

  *  Myra Feldman presents her “Street Noise” series, showing images of life in many locations. With her captured moment mixed media style, she adds her own language of acidic, raw color with contrasting grayed tones, accented with spontaneous, gestural marks and strokes. Her desire to freely experiment with paint, brushes and materials fuels her imagination and facilitates her painting process.

  *  Nancy Herbst often uses intense and surprising color choices as a means of expression. Her new technique adds textural interest to her imaginative, storytelling paintings. Her subject matter may be common, everyday sites but her creativity elevates them to eye-catching, powerful images.

  *  Diane Kent has transitioned from watercolor and collage on paper to acrylic works on canvas. She is captivated by unpredictable shapes, vibrating and contrasting color combinations and numerous linked, overlapping layers. She communicates her ideas and feelings as she develops her spontaneous and dynamic paintings.    

  •  Laurie Sokiveta paints from her photographs, knowing exactly what she wishes to achieve. Using rich, deep, color, she paints in an intentional, deliberate manner to get luminous, strong images. She works to achieve  dramatic, mysterious, realistic paintings with fresh and intricate detail.

  *  Hazel Stone chooses an intuitive process to design her energetic, innovative works. Her signature elements include geometric shapes, decorative patterns,  overlapping layers of shapes and connecting pathways. Using full-spectrum pigments, she paints with a steady hand and small brush, adding tactile, textural accents that we can touch only with our eyes but feel deeply with our hearts.

To purchase paintings, please contact the artist directly.

Meet the Waterworks Artists

Warm Romance - MF.jpg

   Myra Feldman   Warm Romance  11.5" x 15"   Watercolor   SOLD

2019-01-30 18.56.26.jpg

Nancy Herbst   Artifact   Frame: 30" x 30"   $1,800


               Diane Kent     Lookout     Acrylic on Canvas     24" x 30"     $1,800

image2 4_edited.jpg

Laurie Sokiveta                    Single Cactus Flower
      Frame: 20" x 26"                           $480.00

The Waterworks Artists is a group of Watermedia artists who live in the Phoenix, Arizona area. A special spirit of friendship, cooperation and support is created through open sharing of watermedia ideas, art related information and constructive painting critiques. Their purpose is to maintain the highest levels of artistic professionalism. These artists have exhibited widely in many prominent venues in the Valley of the Sun earning their stellar reputation with each exciting, new exhibition.


Hazel Stone      PASS WORD    Frame: 38" x 30"    $2,500

Please enjoy all the pages of this Waterworks Artists website. Feel free to contact any artist regarding their paintings. They will be more than happy to answer questions and help you in your decision to add more beauty and creativity to your life.

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