Myra Feldman Gallery



My art is inspired by living forms, both plant and animal. I want to incorporate my personal marks into the shapes I see. My ideas are worked out in various sketchbooks so that I can experiment with new ways of doing things and hone my drawing skills. Then, I transfer those ideas to my paintings using various water media. I see the act of producing art as a constant research and re-examination exercise full of planned and unexpected surprises making for a daily learning experience that is totally absorbing. For when you lose track of time in your studio, you have found the magic of creating.

Open Road     Frame: 24" x 30"    $1,600
Coffee Break    Frame: 18" x 22"    $850
In a Glance      Frame: 18" x 22"      $850
Day in the Sun     Frame: 18" x 22"    $850
Cowboy Joe     Frame: 24" x 22"    $1,100
Hand in Hand      Frame: 24" x 32"     $1,600