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Warm Romance - MF.jpg

Myra Feldman Gallery



“My art is inspired by living forms, both plant and animal. I want to incorporate my personal marks into the shapes I see. My ideas  are  worked  out in  various  sketchbooks  so that I can experiment with new ways of  doing  things and hone my drawing skills. Then, I transfer those ideas to my paintings using  various  water media. I see  the  act of producing art as a constant research and re-examination exercise full of planned and unexpected surprises making for  a  daily  learning  experience  that  is totally absorbing. For when you lose track of time in your studio,  you have found the magic of creating.”

                                                                                                                                                      ~ Myra Feldman         

Day on the Lake -MF.jpg

 "Day on the Lake"     Watercolor     11" x 22.5 unframed    $495.00

We Meet Again -MF.jpg

"We Meet Again"         Watercolor 
15" x 22.75" unframed    $695.00

Warm Romance - MF.jpg

"Warm Romance"   Watercolor   11.5" x 15"   SOLD

Small Title

Tell the Tale -MF.jpg

"Tell the Tale"    Watercolor    15" x 22.75"    SOLD

Facing the Wind -MF.jpg

  "Facing the Wind"    Watercolor   19" x 22.75"   SOLD


"Open Road"                    Watercolor
24.25" x 31.25" Framed        $795.00


"Day in the Sun"                 Watercolor
11.5" x 15 Unframed              $350.00


"In a Glance"                   Watercolor
19.75" x 22.75" Framed      $500.00


"Coffee Break"            Watercolor  11/5" x 15" Unframed     $350.00

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