Floral painting was a love of mine for many years, but a few years ago I felt it was time to take on new challenges by changing my focus to abstraction and non-representational themes. However, my old paintings have often been the foundation from which I created many new works. A drawing for a new painting contains carefully drawn shapes and or objects.  My goal is to create movement or “flow” by weaving color, giving the shapes a directional visual feel, unity, interplay and depth.  At times this process seems to take on a life of its own and becomes something quite different from my original plan.


I have almost always created works of art into a series.  New ideas about expanding the methods I currently use continue to come to mind.  I see these news ideas as very original and often coming from the creative spirit from within. 

In the Loop       Frame: 30" x 22" $700
Think What You Will           Frame: 29" x 37"         $1,100
Passages          Frame: 22" x 29"          $700
In the Flow           Frame: 19" x 22"             $650
Interstellar      Frame: 19" x 23"      Collage      $550
Times Three     Frame: 25" x 22"    Collage     $575
Spheres      Frame: 23" x 23"      Collage      $625