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All rights reserved. © Copyrighted 2016. All images and information on this site are the Copyrighted Property of each artist, not to be used without their consent.   Website updated June 25, 2017



Floral painting was a love of mine for many years, but a few years ago I felt it was time to take on new challenges by changing my focus to abstraction and non-representational themes. However, my old paintings have often been the foundation from which I created many new works. A drawing for a new painting contains carefully drawn shapes and or objects.  My goal is to create movement or “flow” by weaving color, giving the shapes a directional visual feel, unity, interplay and depth.  At times this process seems to take on a life of its own and becomes something quite different from my original plan.


I have almost always created works of art into a series.  New ideas about expanding the methods I currently use continue to come to mind.  I see these news ideas as very original and often coming from the creative spirit from within. 


In the Loop       Frame: 30" x 22" $700
Think What You Will           Frame: 29" x 37"         $1,100
Passages          Frame: 22" x 29"          $700
In the Flow           Frame: 19" x 22"             $650
Interstellar      Frame: 19" x 23"      Collage      $550
Times Three     Frame: 25" x 22"    Collage     $575
Spheres      Frame: 23" x 23"      Collage      $625