Nancy L. Herbst Gallery



I love to experiment when I paint, and watercolor is the medium that offers unlimited play time in the studio as it is exceptionally versatile.


Watercolor has a mind of its own. Every pigment has its own way of behaving when applied to paper and is even more interesting when other pigments are "dropped in" while the first is still wet. The addition of water before, during, and after application will yield different results, and the amount of water added will also create different effects. Even the weather will afect the outcome of a watercolor painting. Usually, results can't be recreated. This is why I prefer this medium over any other.


For the last few years, I've been experimenting with watercolor on polypropylene, a slick plastic paper known as Yupo, which allows me to remove paint as well as putting it on, and my work has been more challenging and rewarding than ever.


The subjects that I am interested in painting have been evolving too. I have always been attracted to light and shadow, colors both brilliant and subtle, ephemeral moments when everything changes in the blink of an eye. Florals, abstracts, and more often lately, portraits have been my favorite things to paint. When I notice something special about a subject, my primary objective is to create a pleasing composition while being unafraid to take chances.

Blue Batik                  Frame: 24" x 30"                   $1,450
Entrances and Exits           Frame: 20" x 23"         In Private Collection
Midnight in Bergen                       Frame: 39" x 31"                     $2,000
Miz Snyder                          Frame: 30" x 23"                                SOLD
Hoop Dancer                     Frame: 26" x 30"                               $1,500
And They Dressed Themselves            Frame: 33" x 37"
Not Just a Pretty Face           Frame: 25" x 20"          NFS
July 6th                   Frame: 28" x 22"                   $,1,200
Eve of Becoming                Frame: 33" x 25"         $1,600
Iterative Artichoke                    Frame: 34" x 26"                         $1,800