Hazel Stone Gallery



After learning many media techniques, I heard that watercolor was the most difficult medium to master so I had to accept the challenge to excel. My past studies in Art History brought forth images and inspiration for my early work as I painted landscape, floral, still life and figurative work in an Impressionistic or Realistic style. Further study made me delve more deeply into my past and present life, interests and feelings. Exploring connections, new combinations and divergent ideas opened up unlimited possibilities for subject matter. This unique approach provided unlimited possibilities for my paintings. I enjoy challenges and I know I can paint anything that I can see or imagine, so I deliberately create work that is far more complex than real life. Design elements that make my contemporary paintings stand out as being readily recognizable as HAZEL STONE include my favorite personal color choices, symbols, geometric shapes, and various types of line work for connections or emphasis.

An Artist's Life: Words         Frame: 26" x 29"        $2,000

Reaching my mature Signature Style as a Fine Artist in Watermedia has been a process of refining what continues to fascinate me. My favorite techniques have been developed over years of painting. Before starting a new piece, I decide what materials I will use to express the ideas that I want to convey on paper. Some of my work is done over a period of time, painting layers upon layers, establishing interesting textures before proceeding. With other paintings, ideas are drawn on the paper before the painting process begins. My intuition is always part of the process. The design and development of a piece are on-going aspects of working and I continue to do what the painting calls for until it delights my eye.


When I paint, I am not totally alone. The past influences of friends, artists, teachers and mentors flit through my consciousness. I may or may not yield to their persuasion since the choices are mine to make and the paintings are mine to create. My muses broadened my knowledge of what is possible and led me to use my intuition and imagination.


One of my favorite ways of working is very time consuming and requires uninterrupted concentration. I start with arbitrary lines, shapes of various sizes, and continue to design until the final stroke is done. These paintings all have strong design and composition, flat application of clear, contrasting color and white lines of various widths as the basic elements. Sometimes I add words, letters, symbols, or images to convey my thoughts and feelings.


The title of one of my favorite paintings came to mind during a conversation with a friend. He kept saying, “ … and that’s OK!” and I said that I was naming my next painting with that phrase. He liked the idea very much!                                        ~Hazel Stone


  ". . . and that's OK!"        Frame: 38" x 30"       $2,400
   Levels of Communication        Frame: 39" x 32"       $2,600
 MEMO                 Frame: 38" x 30"                 $2,400
Paths of Wisdom          Frame: 30" x 30"           $2,000
Cascades        Frame: 35" x 27"      Acrylic on paper        $2,000
Paths of Wisdom     Frame: 30" x 30"    $1,900
Blue Sapphire Serenade           Frame: 22" x 29"           $1,400
  Jackson's Playdate           Frame 23" x 30"          $1,500
Fish Market       Frame:  23" x 30"        $1,500
Of the Earth       Frame: 30" x 37"        $2,400
       Equilibrium              Framed: 31" x 24"                          Sold                  Equipoise                 Framed: 31" x 24"                    Sold

Throughout my journey as an "Innovative Artist in Watermedia," my choices of using watercolor and acrylic painting pigments on paper have lead me to finish my work by matting with acid-free mats, then framing with plexiglass and simple frames. The sparkle and life in the protected watermedia paintings are qualities that people love about my work. Actually the collector and their environment are reflected in the painting once it has found the right spot in their life. I hope you believe with me that my paintings are unique and have  special appeal that brings discovery, study and new enjoyment to your life. Thank you for your time and interest. My desire is to create paintings with universal appeal that will communicate with viewers and collectors and bring a new element of joy, beauty and meaning to their surroundings. Art makes every day more beautiful!             

                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~Hazel Stone